Research Diaries: Entry 1

Kind of funny how coincidences work out… no sooner do I sit down to finally reflect on my recent experience digging up the history of some bridge in my hometown than a blogger I follow does kinda sorta the same thing. I guess we both hopped on the zeitgeist. I recently embarked on a personal … Continue reading Research Diaries: Entry 1

Why I’m Not A Teacher – Yet

Michael Spiar, Publishing Certificate, B.A. (Hons.), B.Ed. My work in the publishing business has been pretty satisfying on the whole. Yeah, I’ve got my misgivings. Yes, I thought I’d be farther ahead by now, and no, I’m not giving up just yet. I have expanded my career search to include marketing, communications, et cetera… anything … Continue reading Why I’m Not A Teacher – Yet

Air Shows and iPhone Cameras, Together at Last

I like air shows. I also like the camera on my iPhone (4S, if you’re wondering), mainly for the serendipity of it all. For instance, let’s say that the Snowbirds (Canada’s military aerobatic team) are doing a fly-over and you, spur of the moment, decide you want a picture. It takes a second to unlock … Continue reading Air Shows and iPhone Cameras, Together at Last