Research Diaries: Entry 1

Kind of funny how coincidences work out… no sooner do I sit down to finally reflect on my recent experience digging up the history of some bridge in my hometown than a blogger I follow does kinda sorta the same thing. I guess we both hopped on the zeitgeist. I recently embarked on a personal … Continue reading Research Diaries: Entry 1

Theatre Review: The Barber of Seville (Soulpepper)

Everything about Soulpepper’s The Barber of Seville¬†was a wonderful surprise, from the fact that it was a musical to the related fact that, well, it’s a comedy. In fact, this production has a lot more in common with the Looney Tunes version of my childhood than the stuffy opera I thought it to be, a … Continue reading Theatre Review: The Barber of Seville (Soulpepper)

The Evolution of Condo Design

It’s interesting to see how cities evolve, what elements they retain over time and which ones they erase. Torontonians in particular feel they’re special in having razed many historical structures in favor of bland modernity and in having a dozen or more failed plans for every one that sees fruition. And yet, that’s got to … Continue reading The Evolution of Condo Design

An Open Letter to Toronto City Council

Dear Mayor and Councillors, I write to you concerning the Porter Airlines’ desire to add jet travel at Billy Bishop Airport. To my eye, the implications of jets on the waterfront are complicated, probably more than I know.¬†Putting this letter and its author in context: I am liberal-minded with an appreciation for conservative ideals. I … Continue reading An Open Letter to Toronto City Council